Configure Azure CDN for an App Service

Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN) is designed for more reliably to customers using servers that are closest to the users. This dramatically increases speed and availability, resulting in significant user experience improvements.

Login to the Azure portal:
Navigate to More Services from the left tile.
In the search input section, type App Services and choose the same.
Select the appropriate App Service from the list. [In this example, it is techsignapp].
Under techsignapp options, navigate to Settings and select.
Under Settings, navigate to Networking and select.
Under Azure CDN, choose Configure Azure CDN for your App.
In this scenario, there are no endpoints created.
Note: If end points already exists, click on the endpoint listed to manage CDN and configure different features
To Create a New endpoint.
Click on Create.
Check the Notifications bar for the status.
Once the CDN Profile is created, it will get listed in the Endpoints.


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